Our experience & expertise will help you solve today's problems through the strategic use of technology

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Leverage our expertise to solve your problems today and use our experience to discover the problems hiding for tomorrow.

Market Research

Let us do the hard work of surveying the market for you so you can make the most informed decision possible. When it comes to market research one size does not fit all. Maybe you have heard of a new technology and are wondering how it fits in with your current capabilities or perhaps you have an idea for a new product, but aren't sure if it's viable. In either circumstance we can bring the benefit of our decades of experience in a broad range of industries so you can be comfortable with whatever decision you make.

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Technology Design

You have problems and think technology can help solve them. We have the expertise to design strategies or architectures for solutions that use just enough technology as is needed. We have your back whether it's devising a mobile app and its supporting ecosystem, fully integrating or taking advantage of an in-house system or designing an architecture utilizing the latest technologies.

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Idea Development

You have a great idea! But is it worth it? Can it survive in the world? Most likely there is a desire for your great idea in markets that you aren't familiar with…but we are! We work with you to develop your idea into the beginning of a product or technology with the confidence to jump into it.

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Product Development

You've done the research and you think your idea will be the next big thing, but how do you transform that idea into a product? We know a thing or two about bringing products and capabilities to market through our experiences in starting (and selling) other companies.

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Process Analysis

Is something taking weeks when it should be days? Days when it should be hours? Hours when it should be minutes? You may have an ineffective process. We will work with you to identify your complete process, analyze it to determine where the process is breaking down and recommend an optimized process that enhances productivity.

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About Us

Jenever Consulting was formed by a group of IT professionals with the goal of bringing their experience and expertise to the broader market. Our members have been key to many different industrial sectors, such as Law Enforcement, Defense, Government, Enterprise IT supporting thousands of users, Financial and Medical to name a few. Due to the breadth and depth of our members we can confidently assess a situation or problem, develop methods and research needs to overcome said issue and provide recommendations to get you back to good.

Team Members

Our team has a collective 40+ years of experience in technology-related industries. They bring to bear expertise from their background of strategically applying technical solutions to a wide array of encounters. They have built their previous careers on being able to identify these situations and apply novel solutions.

Guy Pascarella
Guy Pascarella

Guy has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry ranging from federal government acquisitions to directing an architecture department on large scale defense systems. In between his government career he has also started up many successful businesses delivering solutions to market.

Sanjay Patel
Sanjay Patel

Sanjay brings over 20 years of hands-on technical experience building solutions from the ground up, leading engineering teams and providing guidance at the executive and board levels. Working with startups to large organizations he solves client problems utilizing strategic business justifications.

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